How Often Should You Walk A Yorkshire Terrier? (A Guide)

How Often Should You Walk A Yorkshire Terrier

How Often Should You Walk A Yorkshire Terrier? (A Guide)

I am often asked this question by fellow Yorkie owners and friends, and one that should be answered as there seems to be some misleading information online. As a Yorkie owner, I frequently wonder if I’ve walked him long enough when he is being mischievous. This is particularly crucial to know for a breed that appears at times to have an endless supply of energy.

How often should you walk a Yorkshire Terrier? The recommended frequency for an adult Yorkshire Terrier is to take your dog out to go potty and exercise twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. However, this all depends on the age of the Yorkie. If you are an owner of a Yorkie puppy, then it will all depend on its age. Below you will find the walking requirements of a puppy based on their age.

Yorkshire Terrier Walking Age Chart

Yorkshire Terrier Age

Length of Daily Walk (Maximum Time)

3 Month

20 Minutes twice a day

6 Month

30 Minutes twice a day

8 Month

40 Minutes twice a day

10 Month

50 Minutes twice a day

1 year - 10 year

60 Minutes twice a day

The walking requirements shown here are of a healthy Yorkshire Terrier puppy and a fully-grown adult. If your Yorkie has health issues that affect their walking, please consult your veterinarian for professional advice.

Why is the length of time you walk your Yorkshire Terrier Important?

Yorkshire Terriers are a happy and intelligent dog breed. However, to keep them happy and healthy, they require stimulation on a physical and mental level. If these requirements aren’t met, you may notice your Yorkshire Terrier becoming frustrated and bored. This can be seen in actions such as:

  • Chewing
  • Barking
  • Pacing

Why does my Yorkshire Terrier constantly stop to sniff when we are out walking and why is it important?

The Yorkshire Terrier is both an intelligent and energetic breed, and as such it is important that they sniff while out on a walk as it makes them happy, as it’s part of their natural behavior. 

As with all dog breeds, after their walks (and a lot of sniffing), dogs can be noticeably relaxed and calm after returning home. I can certainly see this with my Yorkie.

So when out on your daily walks with your Yorkie, relax, let your dog do the walking, just have some patience and let them sniff, they will walk away when they are finished.Walking your dog daily will help them feel secure and in control, especially on regular walking routes.

Can You Over Exercise Your Yorkie Puppy?

Yorkie puppies are so full of life that it’s hard to believe that they can have too much exercise, yet this is true. So, how can you over exercise a Yorkie and what are the consequences? As I previously stated in the guide above, depending on the puppies age, the twice a day rule should be adhered to as their bodies are still developing, and working their legs too much may cause joint damage as they mature.

What Are The Best Tips for Walking With My Yorkie?

  1. Before commencing any new exercise program  with your Yorkie, speak with your veterinarian should you have any concerns.
  2. Ensure your Yorkie is healthy enough to participate in the exercise you have planned
  3. Train your Yorkie to walk on a leash, and get professional help if they have any behavioural issues.
  4. Begin by taking your Yorkie on short, frequent walks and resting as needed
  5. During hotter weather, avoid going for walks during the warmest times of the day.


As we discussed, Yorkshire Terriers require dailys walks, and depending on their age will require at least two walks daily. It is also important to not over-exercise them. When you leave the house and take them out for a walk, ensure that they get plenty of rest throughout the day and respect their need for quiet time.

How Often Should You Walk A Yorkshire Terrier? (A Guide)
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