How to stop a yorkie from chewing and nipping

How to stop a Yorkie puppy from biting and chewing

The time for a Yorkie to learn what is okay and not okay to chew ...
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How to train a Yorkie to heel

How to Train a Yorkie to Heel

To “Heel” a dog takes up a position at your left side with his eyes ...
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How to train a yorkie to come when called

5 ways to train a Yorkie to come

The ‘come’ command is one of the most important commands to teach your Yorkie puppy ...
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Best Dog Crates For Yorkshire Terriers

5 Best Dog crates for Yorkshire Terriers

Dog crates are designed as a safe, and secure area that your Yorkie can go ...
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Best Dog Collar for small dogs

Top 5 Best Collars for Yorkies

The dog collar is an essential purchase for any responsible Yorkie owner; not only are ...
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