Top 5 Best Dog Gates For Yorkies

Best Dog Gates For Yorkies

Top 5 Best Dog Gates for Yorkies

Dog gates are a simple but effective dog containing system. Some dog owners use dog gates to separate dogs from children for safety purposes while many install dog gates simply to restrict the dog from entering unintended areas like bedrooms or kitchen. In this article, I look at some reasons why you should invest in a dog gate and identify 5 popular gates that are suitable for your Yorkshire Terrier. 

7 Things To Know Before Buying A Dog Gate

While dog gates are fast and easy to install, selecting the right dog gate the first time around is important. When buying dog gates, these are some questions you should be considering:

  • Where will the gate be installed? Some dog gates are designed for a staircase while others are meant for ground openings.
  • How wide is the opening? You need to know the exact measurement so that the dog gates will fit nicely.
  • What is the shape of the opening? Dog gates cater to square, rectangle and even odd size openings.
  • What dog is the gate meant for? If you have a large breed dog that loves to jump, you need to get a tall sturdy gate.
  • On what surface would the dog gate be installed? Bricks, wooden wall or iron? Both pressure or mounted dog gates have certain advantages and limitations.
  • Do the dog gates need to be extended at some point in the future? If so, you should look at dog gates that cater for extension kits.
  • Can the dog gate be easily maintained? Ideally, you should get a gate that can be easily cleaned and removed when not required.

You should definitely consider dog gates if you:

  • have children at home,
  • regularly leave your dog at home for long period of time
  • want to restrict your dog to a particular section of your house

Pawland 144-inch Extra Wide 30-inches Tall Dog gate with Door Walk Through


This dog gate has been made using a durable, solid wood frame with a strong metal wire interior. This gate can be transformed into a playpen or play yard, making it a safe and secure place for your Yorkie dog or puppy when you are not home. 


No wall attachments required

Multiple configurations

Built-in door


Some customers state that it is heavy

Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate, Step Over Pet Fence, Foldable, Adjustable - White


This free-standing gate comes with interconnecting panels, which can be transformed into a gate to block off specific areas of your home. Ideal for the smallest of dogs, this gate is made using study wood and is easy to maintain.


Free-standing pet gate – no tools required

Multiple configuration options

Ideal for the smallest of dogs


Some customers state that the gate is heavy

Carlson MINI Expandable Extra Wide Gate with Small Door


This dog gate is just 18 inches high and is perfect for your Yorkie and small breed dogs. It has a built-in door, so your Yorkie can walk through without the need of removing the gate. The gate is durable and easy to maintain, making the all-steel design easy to clean.


No tools required

Easy to maintain

Built in door

Perfect for Yorkies


A customer has complained about the gate not being sturdy enough. 

Carlson Pet Products Outdoor Walk-Thru Gate with Small Door


Made using steel, this gate is designed to withstand all elements in every climate, thus making the gate rustproof, and completely weather resistant. 



weather resistant

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Easy access – built in walk-through door


Some customers state that the gates color fades after a short period of time.

PETPRIME Pet Saftey Gate with Extra Wide Extension Kit


This all-steel designed gate comes with a convenient walk-through door, making it super convenient. With an easy to open mechanism, the gate can be opened by an adult using one hand. The gate comes with two extension kits and four pressure spindle rods.


No tools required

Convenient walk-through door

Easy to use


There are no negative reviews listed for this product


So that’s everything that you need to know about purchasing a dog gate for your Yorkie dog or puppy! Owning a dog gate can help you ease your mind knowing your dog is safe, particularly when you are not home.

Ultimately the main thing is to ensure that you choose the right gate for its intended area. With luck, hopefully, this article will help you make the right decision.

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