Why Are Yorkies So Popular: 4 Reasons

Why Are Yorkies So Popular

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs with big personalities. They are sensitive, playful, and often sweet. The Yorkshire Terrier has a long history as a companion dog, which makes them extremely easy to look after. But how do you find the right Yorkshire Terrier to become your special four-legged friend? 

Why do we love Yorkshire Terriers? Is it their stubby shape, cute legs and their bat-like ears? What is it that causes us to fall in love with them, and why are Yorkshire terriers so popular? There is no simple answer to that question and what draws people to one breed of dog over another. But by taking a look at some of the reasons behind the popularity of the Yorkie, we might be able to understand what people find so alluring about this diminutive little pooch.

Why Do Yorkies Make Such Great Pets?

Here are some of the reasons why the Yorkshire Terrier makes such good pets.

They provide loving companionship

Their distinctive look, small size and spunky attitude capture the hearts of dog lovers. The question, why do Yorkies make such great pets? is not that difficult. Just like humans, dogs are very special animals; they offer love, warmth and companionship for their human companions.
Yorkies are a special breed of dog, indeed. I have a Yorkshire terrier, and he is not only a good pet for me, but he enjoys being in the company of my family and friends. That’s why Yorkshire terriers make good pets!

Their Small Size Is An Advantage

A yorkshire terrier’s small size can definitely be an advantage to the owner. They are very easy to handle, making them great family pets especially and the ideal pet for the smaller home. Due to their small lungs and heart, they do not need large amounts of food. This helps keep them at a healthy weight which in turn lengthens their life span.

They Are Highly Intelligent dogs

Yorkshire terriers are some of the most talented and intelligent dogs around. They are often called Yorkies, Yorkies, or Yorkshires. Their size can sometimes fool people into thinking that they aren’t much to look at, but they are really good at taking care of themselves, making up for what they lack in size with their large amount of courage.

Best Dog Breed For Allergy Sufferer

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the best dogs to get if you need an allergy-friendly companion. This tiny dog breed can make a great pet if allergy sufferers decide they want their own furry friend at home. Because the Yorkshire Terrier has a hypoallergenic coat, it’s hair doesn’t incite allergic reactions that trigger sneezing and watery eyes due to its traits. So, if you want to own and cuddle a puppy with no allergy symptoms, this is the best pooch for you.

Why Are Yorkies So Popular: 4 Reasons
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