Yorkie characteristics – The facts you should know

Yorkie characteristics

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed and typically has long, silky hair. Many owners like to keep their Yorkies coat short, particularly during the summer months.


The Yorkshire Terrier is usually 6-7 inches tall, and they weigh a maximum of 7 pounds.


The coat of the Yorkshire Terrier varies. The typical coat is usually long with silky hair. However, many choose to have their hair cut short to make it easier for them to be cared for. 


The typical colors of a Yorkshire Terrier are:

  • Blue and Tan
  • Blue and Gold
  • Black and Tan
  • Black and Gold


The Yorkshire terrier is an energetic, loyal and brave breed of dog. They can be very affectionate and are friends with everyone in their family, but they usually have a strong bond with one person. They will be suspicious of strangers and may become aggressive towards them, including other animals. 


Daily brushing and combing of your Yorkie’s hair are required if you want to keep their coat looking healthy. Regular teeth clean is also advised, along with baths where necessary. 


Although the Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed, they require daily exercise to maintain their happiness and health. 


The Yorkshire Terrier is easy to train, although they can at times be stubborn, so perseverance is a must when training your Yorkie. 


Unlike some breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier has hair and not fur, so they do not shed.


The Yorkshire Terrier is vocal dogs, but if properly trained, this can considerably be reduced. 

Life Expectancy

A well-cared for and healthy Yorkie can live between 12-15 years.


One of the most common health issues that affect the Yorkshire Terrier is bronchitis and dental problems. Like other dog breeds, the Yorkie can also have digestion issues.


AKC Category

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small-breed of dog and thus are classified as a Toy breed.

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